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“My name is Julio Pabón. I have lived in the Bronx since the age of 4 and this is where I work and have been fighting for justice all my life. My parents came here from Puerto Rico and struggled so that things could be better for me. Pop became a single dad and it was he who set the high standard of values that has guided me all my life. My dad believed in education as a way out of poverty and that was the legacy he left to me.”

Julio Pabón


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Discovery for Justice co-founder Julio Pabon and Terrance Coffie, a formerly-incarcerated man who is with the DOE Fund, sit down with In Focus Host Cheryl Wills to discuss the Blindfold Law.


Host Daren Jaime talk to Activist Julio Pabon about the national manifestation of respect and justice for Puerto Rico.


A wall filled with grafitti has now been turned into a message of love. Julio Pabon from the South Bronx Community Association had a vision four years ago, but it took some time.